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Pile Yarn of Terry Towels




Woven fabrics are consist of warp and weft yarns in 2 dimensions, but terry towels are consist of in 3 dimensions with an additional pile yarn.  80 % volume of towels are pile yarn so pile yarn means towel quality: Softness, color, appearance, water absorbency etc. I will summarize the properties of the pile threads below.

  • Pile yarns are usually 100 % cotton. it is used rarely in some other types of yarns like bamboo and viscose yarns. 
  • Pile threads usually are Ne 16/1, Ne 20/, and 24/1 for lightweight towels, on the other hand, they usually are Ne 16/2, Ne 20/2, Ne 12/1, and Ne 12/2 for high gsm towels and bathmats
  • Two or more ply pile yarns are used when high quality is required such as absorbency, appearance, and resistance to pile lay.
  •  Industrial towels must be resistant to washing. Towels made with the double pile yarn has less pile height so their life is more than single pile yarn towels. That’s the way double pile yarns are preferred in industrial towels
  • Towels weaved with yarn-dyed pile yarns are softer than solid-dyed towels.  Of course, they are expensive.

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  1. I got a mail from a UK company about a pile loops problem like below and ı add my answer below.

    Dear Ibrahim,

    Please, we are a UK company retailing men’s & women’s bathrobes online. Whilst we were looking on the internet we came across your blog and you seemed very knowledgeable about terry towelling production.
    We’ve had some bathrobes produced for us in the past and we have had a few issues where the towelling snags very easily. That is to say, the loops are easily caught and then the loop pulls away from the fabric as a longer loop.
    We would be interested to know your thoughts on why a fabric snags easily & if there is any terry fabric type recommended to avoid this?

    I’m aware you work for a company in Turkey so we would also be interested in quotes from your company also.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Here is my answer,


    Once, thanks for your nice comments.

    I am working on a towel and bathrobe manufacturing company. ıf ı can help you to figure out the problem, ı ‘ll be glad.

    There are some reasons for the mentioned problem. I need to know the terry fabric pile yarn and fabric construction.

    If your terry fabric is woven terry fabric, it must be weaved with the right yarn and right construction to get enough tough piles.

    300-450 gsm towels could be single pile yarn like Ne 16/1, there won’t be a problem with the right construction.

    450 gsm and above terry fabrics must be weaved by double pile yarn otherwise the pile loops with single pile yarn pull away easily from the surface. Because pile height being too high. The loops look like a hangover!

    İf your pile yarn is okay like above, please check the warp yarn number and density of warp and weft. Warp and weft yarn keep the pile loops together. If the density is lower, loops can pul away from the fabric as a longer loop.

    Especially check the weft yarn count per centimetre. You can check it yourself. take a coloured marker and mark 5 cm+ on the bathrobe and count carefully the weft thread by a pencil or a pin. it can be like 12*5 cm = 60 threads. ( weft yarn is Ne 15/1)

    Weft threads per centimetre mean the speed of the machine. If the density of the weft threads is lower, the productivity of the looms will be higher. So production with higher weft density is more expensive.

    weft threads count could be between 12 and 25 threads per centimetre on terry towels. 12 threads/cm is too low and 20-25 threads/cm has tough structure.

    If your bathrobes are knitted fabrics there won’t be a pile loops problem.

    we can also offer you bathrobes, tell me more detail then ı can help you more.

    We are selling to UK companies bathrobes and towels.

    Have a nice day


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