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How to Make Your Towels Last Longer?




Dwell and Parachute prepared a guide for towels care. ı collected that pieces of information and summarise here. I hope you will enjoy that.  

What to Avoid

👉 Avoid fabric softeners and bleaching agents because they coat the natural fibers.

👉 Keep your towels away from household cleaners and personal care products that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids because these may cause discoloration.

👉 Don’t wash your towels with items that could pull or snag the fabric. These include clothing with zippers, hooks or Velcro. 

👍 In the event of a snagged loop on your towel, resist the urge to pull it. Simply cut the loop with scissors.

👉  For best results, dedicate the load of wash to towels only.


👉   Wash after every third use.

👉 To launder, use cold water and just a small amount of detergent, as soap build-up inhibits drying performance.

👉 Prevent pilling—which occurs when long fibers rub against short fibers—by dedicating your load of wash solely to your bath items and washing different color towels separately.


👉  Before drying, give your towels a shake to fluff up the fabric.

👉 Tumble dry on low (high heat damages the fabric) and remove promptly, because over-drying creates brittle fibers.

If you prefer the fresh scent of air-dried linens, try these steps to avoid a stiff feeling:

👉  After shaking, hang one short end over the clothesline and clip.
Remove the towel from the clothesline when just slightly damp and insert it into the dryer for a final fluff.

👉 Always make sure your towels are completely dry before folding and storing.

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