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All towels have a fabric weight under the reference of ”GSM”(Grams per Square Metre). Choosing the right gsm at the right price isn’t that easy. The higher GSM values indicate a higher thickness.How can a buyer decide which gsm of terry towels are suitable for their customers? Towels are classified by GSM such as Light Weight(200 – 450 GSM), Medium Weight(450 – 600 GSM), and  Heavy Weight(700 – 800 GSM) but I will make a different classification. Here’s our guide to buying the towels at right gsm.

Industrial towels like a hotel and hospital towels should be long-lasting so it is better to choose a medium weight and double pile. I always offer to hotel towel buyers that 400-500 gsm towels which has 20/2 Carded pile yarn. Single pile yarn, Ne 16/1 is also another option for 360-450 gsm towels, if you are looking for low-cost towels.

Since bath towels are used once a day, there is no need to be a quick dry towel in the bath but it must be absorbent as much as possible for comfortable usage. Take a shower is an experience for people so everybody wants fluffy and soft towels. I prefer to use high gsm bath towels more than 500 gsm. On the other hand, hand towels must be quick dry as well as absorbent because they are used very often in daily life. They are also washed frequently.That’s the way high gsm towels are not preferred for hand towels, it is better to prefer 360-450 gsm for terry hand towels in dobby design.

Sculptured design towels must be of high weight to form the pattern well. 500-600 gsm is the minimum weight. Jacquard yarn dyed towels also must be more than 500 gsm because of the complicated designs. They are design based towels so high gsm is necessary to show the figures on towels.

Microcotton towels can be produced between 350-600 gsm. For more information, see my article about microcotton towels.

Velour towels weight usually are lower like 340-400 gsm. Velour towels are made by shearing the pile volume of 20%. More weight means more wastage so high gsm velour towels are really expensive.Their gsm could be up to 600 gsm.

High gsm terry fabrics are not preferred in Terry Bathrobes especially in hot countries like Greece. it is better to use 350-400 gsm terry fabrics for bathrobes. Pique fabrics are another option for lightweight fabrics. Pique fabrics are around 250-300 gsm.

We should destroy the general perception for towels that the high gsm the towel, the better it is. Sometimes the heavier weight towel such as the micro cotton towels has not well appearances after washing.

Whatever gsm of towel you choose, know that gsm will affect the cost of towel and quality. Ask me if you need any information about towel gsm and qualities.

If you like that article, you can read my another article about the pile yarn of towels: Pile Yarn of Terry Towels


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