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A weird experience about Nichemarketing or Micromarketing




Niche marketing means creating a specific product for a small and well-defined group of people.

Actually, we never have such a marketing strategy for many years in our towel and bathrobe manufactory. We always create our towel collections for a big group of people depend on the countries.

Last year, accidentally we developed a towel for a customer in ”Skull” design with a specific technic.

You know only rock music fans and President of Canada, hashtagJustinTrudeau loves that ”Skull” Design 🙂 ( https://lnkd.in/g536cD8)

But we sold thousands ”Skull” Towel, accidentally!

The greatest lesson we learned from this case, ”Never ignores a specific segment of the population in marketing strategy, because we sell towels more than 40 countries. That means, when all small group of people is gathered, a large community emerges at the end.

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