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🤔 What quality should baby Blankets be?




 ı discussed with a client to create a cotton and elegance baby blanket as below.

Their need is an elegance blanket + it must be produced by organic cotton.

But, Why can not we see cotton blankets in the market too much?

😬 Because of fashion and design restrictions. we can not give the perfect shape to the blanket by cotton yarns.

So big retail brands mostly produced by acrylic to sell more 🙁

Of Course, it must be Cotton or wool for health!

👍If you prefer organic (GOTS Certified) cotton that would be fabulous.

So Cotton Blankets must be produced by

✔ It must be produced in a simple design ➡to give a nice shape

✔ The weight also must be as light as ➡ to save the environment and avoid pilling problem

✔ Prefer the light colors ➡ dark colors include more chemicals.

How do you prefer your baby blankets❓


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